Life Skills and Citizenship Education Initiative
Middle East and North Africa
مبادرة تعليم المهارات الحياتية والمواطنة
الشرق الأوسط وشمال افريقيا


Luminus Education


About the Institution: The Luminus Education portfolio includes Al Quds College ( the market-leading community college in Jordan), SAE Institute Amman (one of more than 50 highly specialized media training campuses in 23 countries), Arcana Training Academy (which offers internationally certified business, management and IT training programs), and Bell Amman (one of more than 35 world-wide English-language academies).

Life Skills-Related: From short courses, to one and two year accredited diploma programs, a three year degree program, professional training for organizations and individuals, Luminus Education is committed to providing training, skills, and programs that are always focused on getting jobs for graduates, and meeting industry needs in the Middle East. The project title is “Passport To Success (PTS)” and its main objective is Enhancing human resources and capacity development. Thematic areas under which life skills are addressed include: Curricular disciplines (e.g. languages, science, maths, etc.), and Vocational disciplines (e.g. carpentry, plumbing, etc.). The main topic through which life skills education takes place in the programme is: an independent course as part of foundational education.